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Phrasal Verb STAND

The phrasal verb stand is used in a number of ways. Below is a list of the most usual defintions plus an exercise to help your understanding.

Study the list below and do the exercise that follows. Then check your answers for the phrasal verb stand.

STAND ABOUT = stand doing nothing with no purpose especially at work

Don't just stand about with your hands in your pockets... give me a hand!

STAND ASIDE = A. move to one side to let someone / thing pass B. stop doing a job and let someone younger take over

A. Please stand aside, we're coming through.
B. It's time he stood aside and let his son run the business.

STAND AROUND = stand doing nothing; loiter

There were some young kids standing around outside the convenience store.

STAND BACK = A. move a short distance away B. think about a situation as if it doesn't involve you

A. We had to stand back a little from the fire as it was getting too hot.
B. Stand back a second and think about what you're doing. Do you really want to do this?

STAND BY = A. wait B. not participate or get involved in a situation

A. I want you to stand by and answer the phone if mom or dad call.
B. He just stood by and did nothing! Can you believe it?

STAND FOR = A. represent B. tolerate

A. FBI stands for "Federal Bureau of Investigation."
B. Mother doesn't stand for anyone telling her lies.

STAND IN= replacement

He stood in for his brother in the wedding rehearsal.

STAND OUT = be noticeable

He's so tall. He really stands out in a crowd.

STAND UP = not arrive to an appointment or date

Before I was married I never stood up any girls. I always thought that was rude.

STAND UP FOR = defend

Some individuals find it hard to stand up for what they believe in.

STAND UP TO = defend oneself against someone larger or stronger

I think you should stand up to your older brother and tell him to stop pushing you around.

Phrasal Verb STAND exercise 


1. The workers stood ____ talking while they waited to be told what to do.
2. John stood ____ Jill because he thought she needed help.
3. He stood _____ in any group as he was more than two meters tall.
4. Jill stood ____ for her sister when she didn't arrive on time.
5. Please stand ____ . We've got lots of material coming through here.
6. Our house stood ____ from the street. It was about 200 feet from the road.
7. He stood ____ and said nothing as if he wasn't even there.
8. She finally stood ____ her husband and told him off for losing the money.
9. What do the initials C.I A. stand ____ ?
10. He stood ___ his girlfriend and left her waiting outside the cinema.

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