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Prepositions of Place


Prepositions of place show the positional relationships that different objects have.

Below you'll find a list of some of the most common items.

Most below are self explanatory and easy to understand, owever, there are some that are used idiomatically.

Look over the list and then do the exercise that follows to check your knowledge.

AGAINST = touching something directly; having contact

Don't leave your bicycle leaning against the car again!

ALONG = placed by the side of something

In case of accidents there are emergency telephones all along the tunnel.

ALONGSIDE = a position next to something

The two runners ran alongside each other as they approached the finish line.

AROUND = near; in the vicinity

There’s a pub around here somewhere I seem to recall.

AT = A. exact position B. approximate position

A. Turn right at the next street.
B. He runs a stall at the beach during summers.

BESIDE = at the side of

Cotton has been cultivated beside the Nile river for centuries.

BY = in the region of

He lives in a cottage by Lake Michigan.

ON THE LEFT / RIGHT OF = immediately next to; on one side or the other.

These are our wedding pictures. My brother's on the left of my dad in this picture.

NEAR = in the vicinity, or area, of

We live very near the airport.

NEXT TO = close; almost touching

She bought a house next to the cemetery because she wanted quiet neighbors.

TOWARDS = close to; near

Towards the end of the journey I got really tired.

Prepositions of Place


Choose from the drop down menu the word(s) that best complete the sentences below.


1. Bordeaux wine is cultivated ___ the Atlantic coast.
2. He grew up ____ the city, not in it.
3. Their house was _____ a factory that smelled really bad.
4. John's mother will be ____ the lake this weekend.
5. He felt melancholic ____ the end of his month long journey.
6. He walked ____ his wife as they strolled down the boardwalk.
7. My school is ____ the hospital. We often hear sirens.
8. There house is ____ somewhere. We can't be that lost.
9. He works ____ the big lake.
10. Wine is cultivated here ___ the river.
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