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Phrasal Verb LOOK

The phrasal verb look does, indeed, take on many forms. You'll find most, if not all, listed below.

Study the list and do the exercise that follows. Then check your answers below.
Afterwards, go to another page of phrasal verbs and work your way through the exercises that are available on this site.

LOOK AFTER = take care of someone or something

When my brother is out of town, I look after the cats.

LOOK BACK (ON) = remember, usually with nostalgia

When I look back on my time at university, it puts a smile on my face.

LOOK DOWN ON = see something or someone as inferior

Many Americans used to look down on Japanese made cars. They don't now.

LOOK FOR = search for, seek

I think I lost my car keys. Will you help me look for them?

LOOK FORWARD TO = anticipate with pleasure

I am looking forward to visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

LOOK INTO = A. investigate B. see in a mirror

A. The group is looking into vacationing together.
B. What do you see when you look into the mirror?

LOOK ON = observe, be a spectator

Five people just looked on as the robbers got away with the money.

LOOK OUT = pay attention - be careful - there is danger!

Look out! There's a bus coming.

LOOK OVER = examine, review

My lawyer told me to look over the contract before I signed it.

LOOK TO = to hold as leader or director; someone with better or more knowledge

Many students look to their professors for academic advice.

LOOK UP = A. find in a dictionary B. find and visit someone

A. You must look up new vocabulary words in your dictionary.
B. You should look me up if you are ever in Greece,

LOOK UP TO = respect, admire someone

He looks up to his mother's business partner.

Phrasal Verb LOOK exercise


1. Many countries in the Balkans are looking ____ the EU for economic opportunities.
2. I don't know this word. I guess I'll have to look it ____.
3. The police are looking _____ the attack on the policeman this morning.
4. I'm looking ____ the flashlight. Have you seen it anywhere?
5. When my mom's out I have to look ____ my younger brothers.
6. I'm really looking ____ our vacation this summer.
7. Look ____ the rental agreement before you sign it. We don't want any surprises.
8. Some people look ____ politicians. Me, personally, I don't.
9. Look ____ ! That car just missed hitting you.
10. A crowd looked ___ as two men fought outside the club.

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