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Greek Prefixes


Looking for Greek prefixes?

If yes, you'll find the most common prefixes from the Greek language below along with their meanings and an example of how they are used with English words.

Now, why is learning prefixes so important when it comes to learning English? I'm glad you asked. ;-)

Many words -- though not a majority it's still a large percentage -- are made up of prefixes or suffixes added to a root, or root word.

And most of the prefixes, suffixes and roots come from either the Greek or Latin Languages. (That's why you'll find pages concerning all of these items within this site)

It's a fact.

Learning Greek prefixes will help you in your knowledge of English so really spend some time and do learn the following!

Greek Prefixes Meanings Usage

a, an opposite, not, against atypical, anarchy
ana up, again, throughout, against analogy, anode
anti against, opposite antichrist, Antarctic, antivirus
apo from, away from apocalypse
cata down, across, opposite, under cataract, catastrophe
di two, double, twice digress, dichotomy
dia through, going through diagonal, diameter
dys hard, difficult dysfunctional, dyslexia
ec, (ek) ex out of eclectic, exit
ecto outside, outermost ectoderm, ectodomain
exo outside, outward exodus
en in entrance, entrails
eu good, well, easy Eucharist, eulogy
hemi half hemisphere
hyper above, over hyperactive, hyper-critical
hypo below, under hypodermic, hypocrite
meta after, with, beyond metaphysics, metamorphosis
opistho behind, backward, back opisthotonos
palin again palingenesis
para along side, contrary, against paralegal, parallel
peri around, near perimeter, perinatal
pro before, in front of prolog, progenitor
pros(o) moving towards, onwards proselytize, prosodemic
syl together, with syllable
sym together, with symphony
syn together, with synagogue, synergy


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