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English Prepositions


Some English prepositions are even used in mathematics.

For instance, to 'divide by,' the preposition 'by' is being used in a mathematical sense -- having a similar meaning to 'with.'

The list below contains samples plus there is an exercise that follows.

If you are just reaching this site, look around as I'm sure you'll find everything you want (or need) to know about English prepositions.

The execrises you'll find on nearly every page have been designed for you to learn English prepositions in a fun and easy way.

That said, you should know that learning this particular grammar item is one of the most -- if not THE most -- important item at the advanced level of the English language.

English prepositions are often the item that can make or break an English exam candidate in the spoken and written portion of their tests. 

BESIDES = as well as; in addition to

I've got three daughters, besides my son.

DIVIDED BY = used only in mathematics

Fifteen divided by three is five.

IN ADDITION TO = as well as, besides, additionally

In addition to a raise, the workers want to work less hours.

MINUS = A. without B. mathematics - subtraction only

A. He returned home minus the twenty dollars he had been given for a haircut and without having gotten his hair cut!
B. Ten minus eight equals two.

PLUS = A. as well as B. mathematics - addition

A. The whole family came with him, plus his two cats.
B. Three plus three equals six.

TIMES = multiplication

Three times five equals fifteen.

TOGETHER WITH = working in co-operation with something

Her brains, together with her beauty, make for the ideal candidate.

English Prepositions exercise


1. ___ John, who else is coming with you?
2. Twenty ____ ten equals ten. Doesn't it?
3. You would look better ___ that big, floppy hat.
4. Twelve ___ three equals four.
5. ____ being a great poet, she can sing well too.
6. A negative number ___ a negative number gives us a positive number? Go figure.
7. You need your birth certificate ____ your passport to get a residency permit.
8. Where I come from one ___ one equals two.
9. Three ___ three equals zero.
10. ___ being tall, he's a talented basketball player.

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