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Phrasal Verb BRING

The phrasal verb bring is one of the more popular English phrasal verbs.

BRING ABOUT = cause, make happen

Moving to Greece brought about great changes in my life.

BRING ALONG = A. to carry sme/sth to a certain place B. help sme/sth improve

A. He brought along his oldest son to the football match.
B. They're bringing along mid fielder slowly so he doesn't suffer injury.

BRING AROUND = change someone's opinion, convince someone of your way of thinking

She wants to stay but we'll bring her around to our point of view.

BRING AWAY = learn or gain through experience

I brought away a lot from my physiology courses at university.

BRING BACK = cause to remember

His visit to the dentist brought back painful memories.

BRING DOWN = A. cause government to fall B. reduce price

A. The economic crisis brought down the weak government.
B. They brought down prices after the holiday but it didn't increase sales.

BRING FORTH = A. cause to happen B. produce

A. The European Union brought forth many changes to member states political life.
B. The magician brought forth a rabbit form his hat.

BRING FORWARD = cause to happen earlier than planned

They brought the meeting forward one week because of a conflict in schedules.

BRING OFF = succeed at sth, especially sth difficult

You passed the calculus exam! I can't believe you brought that off.

BRING ON = cause something to happen

The fall of the Berlin wall brought on great changes for Eastern Europe.

BRING OUT = A. highlight, emphasize, or stress B. publish

A. That hat you're wearing brings out the color of your eyes.
B. He brought out a new book entitled; "political opponents of the last decade."

BRING OVER = bring to someone's house, physically carry.

Sarah brought over this bottle of wine and we are enjoying it together.

BRING TO = A. revive consciousness B. inform someone about something

A. We used smelling salts to bring her to after she fainted.
B. We brought it to the principal's attention that corporal punishment was no longer used.

BRING UP = A. mention B. raise a child

A. I didn't want to bring up the fact that she was handicapped.
B. I was raised in Michigan, but live in Greece.

Phrasal Verb BRING exercise

1. "Mom, Jane brought ____ her new CD. Can we play it on your stereo?."
2. John brought ____ a new book on dating. It's supposed to be good.
3. He brought _____ the subject, not me. I don't want to discuss it.
4. Jill was brought ____ using amonia sticks known as 'smelling salts.'
5. What did you bring ____ from that class? I got a lot out of it.
6. They brought ____ prices last week but it didn't improve the market any.
7. I have a school book which, when I look at it, brings ____ many memories.
8. He brought her ____ to his way of thinking politically.
9. They brought ____ 2 weeks because of a scheduling conflict.
10. The dark winter clouds brought ___ torrents of rain and sleet.

Your score is

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