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Phrasal Verb HANG


The phrasal verb hang has many uses. Study the list below and then do the exercise that follows.

Check your answers from the form below the exercise.

HANG ABOUT = loiter

I hate going to that store. There are always teens hanging about outside the entrance.

HANG AROUND = stay in one place or area

The lions will hang around this area as long as there is food.

HANG BACK = remain; not move forward

In every group of tourists there are always a few who hang back.

HANG IN THERE = not to give up; persevere

Hang in there! Tomorrow things will be better. You'll see.

HANG ON = A. wait B. hold tightly

A. Will you please hang on? What seems to be the rush?
B. Hang on! I'll get a rope to pull you up.

HANG ONTO = keep, preserve

Do you want to hang onto these baby pictures of yours?

HANG OUT = spend time together socially

Let's hang out this weekend if you're not doing anything.

HANG TOGETHER = stay unified and undivided

Benjamin Franklin said; "We must all hang together, gentlemen... else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."

HANG UP = A. end a phone call B. put something (clothing, picture etc.) on a hanger or peg

A. I'll call you later. My mother told me I've got to hang up the phone now.
B. You need to hang up your shirts now that the ironing is done.

HANG UP ON = end a phone call (rudely)

I can't believe it. They just hung up on me!

HANG WITH = spend time with

Where were you? I was just hanging with some friends at the Mall. 

Phrasal Verb HANG exercise


1. Just hang ____ them! There's nothing worse than unsolicited sales calls.
2. You're not going to hang ____ with your firends. It's illegal to loiter.
3. Just hang _____ a second. We'll go in a minute.
4. As a company, we need to hang ____ during these difficult times.
5. His tendency is to hang ____ and let the others do the hard work.
6. What did you do yesterday? I hung ____ some pictures in the living room.
7. Why do you hang ____ these old ticket stubs?
8. Hang ____. It can't be that bad, can it?
9. The birds are hanging ____ a lot longer this year. It must be the warm weather.
10. On weekends, we like to hang ___ by the lake with some friends.

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