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Phrasal Verb CHECK

The phrasal verb check has many uses. Use this page to test and increase your knowledge of these phrasal verbs.

Study the list and do the exercise that follows. Then check your answers below.

CHECK BACK = return to determine if everything is OK

We will check back tomorrow to make sure you are ok.

CHECK BY = go somewhere to see if everything is OK

We need to check by the lawyers office to make sure the papers are ready.

CHECK FOR = try to find

They checked for AIDS and other diseases before they let him into the country.

CHECK IN = enter a hotel

They need to check in before six on Friday.

CHECK INTO = A. enter a hospital B. investigate

A. They checked into the hospital yesterday for today's surgery.
B. We are checking into allegations of fraud aid the police.

CHECK OFF = put a tick next to an item on a list

I had to check off each item as it was delivered to make sure we got it all.

CHECK ON = make sure something is OK

Jill checked on the cake to make sure it wasn't burnt.

CHECK OUT = A. investigate, look at B. leave a hospital or hotel, etc.

A. He checked out the new waitress as she brought us our coffees.
B. We checked out of the hotel before noon as it was policy.

CHECK OVER = closely examine

He checked over the contract to make sure there were no loopholes.

CHECK UP ON = investigate someone or something

My parents were always checking up on me.

CHECK THROUGH = send luggage to a final destination

Your luggage is checked through to Athens.

CHECK WITH = ask for confirmation

He needs to check with his wife to make sure they don't have other plans.

Phrasal Verb CHECK exercise


1. For some reason I couldn't check ____ my luggage to my final destination.
2. The police said they would check ____ the threatening letters I had received.
3. He said he would check _____ next week after he had made his other rounds.
4. Before you can bring your dog into this country, he must be checked ___ rabies.
5. He just checked ____ the physchiatric ward. I hope he's alright.
6. Let's check ____ the mall. I want to see if they have the new shoes in yet.
7. I'm glad we finished that. That's one less thing to check ___ my list tomorrow.
8. I need to check ____ your mother to make sure you are allowed to come.
9. We had to check ____ the hotel before noon. Otherwise, they would charge us more.
10. They were checked ___ by the tax office because of their extravagent lifestyle.

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