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Phrasal Verb GET


The phrasal verb get is one of the more popular phrasal verbs in the English language.

There are a number of combinations and there can be more than one definition and usage per preposition -- making the phrasal verb get not only popular, but also a little difficult.

What follows below is a about half of the uses that I know of. There is another page on this site containing the other half.

I recommend reading through the list and then doing the exercise that follows.

You can check your answers to see how well you know the phrasal verb get.

GET ABOUT = go from place to place

How did you get about before you bought your car?

GET ACROSS = communicate clearly, precisely

I tried, but I couldn’t get across how important the test was to their future.

GET AHEAD = make progress at work, get promoted

Most people believe they can get ahead through hard work.

GET ALONG = A. become quite old B. relate to sme C. manage by oneself, unassisted

A. John is 90, he is really getting along.
B. John and Jill have been together 6 years, they get along quite well.
C. The teacher checked to see how the children were getting along on their project.

GET AROUND = A. evade, circumvent B. go from place to place C. made known, circulated

A. Some children try to get around school rules and smoke at school.
B. I’ve been getting around by bicycle since my scooter was stolen.
C. Word got around the factory that the strike started on Monday at noon.

GET AT = A. access or reach B. suggest or hint

A. I'm not tall enough to get at the things on the top shelf.
B. What are you getting at? Say it plainly.

GET AWAY = A. escape B. (with) Not be punished for something.

A. The tourist couldn't get away from the attacker.
B. He won’t get away with taking money from the company.

GET BACK = return

What time did you get back last night?

Phrasal Verb GET exercise


1. "She got ___ about midnight, she said." "Really? I find that hard to believe."
2. Some people foolishly think they can get ____ the police and break the law.
3. John knew what people were getting _____ even when they didn't say it clearly.
4. Jill gets ____ with a scooter and never has problems finding parking.
5. He got ____ by working hard and doing extra.
6. My dog and cat get ____ really well, they're good friends.
7. O.J. got ____ with murder if you ask me.
8. The professor managed to get ____ the meaning without extra explanation.
9. Many people were sad when word got ____ about Diana's death.
10. "What are you getting ___, she asked?" Finally, he said, "will you marry me?"
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For more information about the phrasal verb get click on the preceding link.