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Phrasal Verbs with UP


If you're looking for phrasal verbs with up then you've come to the right page.

Remember, multi word verbs don't always have a direct, or exact, translation and can sometimes be open to a little bit of interpretation.

That's what makes learning phrasal verbs so much fun... they don't always translate exactly!

With the above in mind, take a look at what follows and think of the correct verb to place in the blank in order to form a phrasal verb with up.

Use one of the words from the box below and then check your answers.

speak, beat, clear, sum, get, call, blow, mix, catch, turn, back, stay, catch, brush, dress, go 

1. ______ up = give someone support and help

2. ______ up = hit or kick someone and hurt them badly

3. ______ up = destroy something with an explosion

4. ______ up = improve your knowledge and skill

5. ______ up = phone somebody

6. ______ up = reach the same standard or level as the others

7. ______ up = tidy, to put away; Improving weather.

8. ______ up = approach someone

9. ______ up = put on elegant or formal clothes

10. ______ up = begin the day!

11. ______ up = increase

12. ______ up = not know the difference, confuse

13. ______ up = talk in a loud, clear voice

14. ______ up = not go to bed

15. ______ up = list the main points

16. ______ up = arrive, find unexpectedly

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Phrasal Verbs with UP Exercises 

Use one of the words from the box below and then check your answers.

do, give, take, set, held, took, put, gave, picked, held, put, make, pick, made, done, set

1. I'll _____ you _____ outside your house at six o'clock.

2. The traffic was _____ _____ because of an accident downtown.

3. She didn't _____ _____ much of a fight, did she?

4. Is she coming or isn't she? I wish she'd _____ _____ her mind!

5. He helped his wife to _____ _____ the buttons of her cardigan.

6. You should _____ _____ your seat on the bus if an elderly person gets.

7. My dress is too long so I'll have to _____ it _____ .

8. After he went bankrupt, he tried to _____ _____ a new business in his wife's name.

9. The robbers _____ _____ the bank and got away with over a million Euros.

10. I _____ _____ tennis after the doctor told me I should get more exercise.

11. I'm sure she _____ _____ that story about being in a film!

12. This room looks so much better now that they've _____ it _____.

13. The hotels in London are full, could you _____ me _____ for a night?

14. I _____ _____ drinking in May and haven't had a beer since.

15. I _____ _____ a few words of Chinese when I went there on holiday last year.

16. The police have _____ _____ road blocks throughout the area to prevent the bank robbers from escaping.

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