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Phrasal Verb HAVE


The phrasal verb have is listed below with some definitions and examples. Look over the list and then do the exercise that follows checking your answer below.

HAVE AGAINST = dislike; hold a grudge for a specific reason

What do you have against left handed people?

HAVE AROUND = entertain people at home

Mom, is it ok if I have around a few friends after school?

HAVE DOWN AS = have particular view of someone or something

She's a Democrat? Really? I had her down as a Republican.

HAVE IN = A. have a supply of something B. entertain people at home

A. Do you have in stock the new supply of plywood?
B. We had in the Russell's last night for dinner.

HAVE IT IN FOR = dislike; have or hold a grudge against someone

Why do you have it in for them? what did they do to you?

HAVE IT OUT WITH = discuss or argue something in an attempt to improve a situation

Last night I had it out with my neighbor for playing his music so loud.

HAVE OFF = time off work

I usually have off Mondays and Sundays.

HAVE ON = A. wear B. electronic device switched on C. tease, deceive

A. What did she have on last night?
B. You need to have it on if you want it to work.
C. Don't believe her. She's just having you on.

HAVE OVER = receive a guest at home

You're not allowed to have over friends until you clean up your room.

HAVE ROUND = entertain at home

Let's have round the in laws this weekend, shall we?

HAVE UP ON CHARGES = accuse someone of breaking a law

The judge had the youth up on charges for fire bombing the police station.

Phrasal Verb HAVE exercise


1. What do you have ____ foreigners? You need to lighten up a little.
2. She had me ____ a Canadian but I am, in fact, an American.
3. I have _____ Friday from school. Let's go away for the weekend.
4. Jill had ____ her little sister for wearing her favorite blouse without asking.
5. Turn down your music or I'll have you ____ of disturbing the peace.
6. It's time we had ____ our neighbor concerning his parking on our lawn.
7. Can I have ____ a few friends to watch the game on TV?
8. Do you have ____ the new Kalomoira CD?
9. What will you have ____ ? How will I recognize you?
10. I can't this weekend. I'm having ___ my in laws for a party.

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