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English Parts of Speech


The English parts of speech are eight in number, however, there is a growing trend towards separating and adding a category or two making as many as ten or more parts of speech in the English Language.

For our purposes, though, we will stick with the eight parts of speech as have been typically, or traditionally, taught and recognized.

The above having been said, there is some merit to the current trend in removing articles and determiners from the adjective category and giving them their own classification in my opinion.

However, the trend of splitting verbs into two categories ( as has been the case with more and more people these days ) hardly seems necessary to me.

Don't worry, I'm NOT the one who decides these things and I'm certain that for your purposes knowing the eight English parts of speech will serve you well.

The eight English parts of speech are...

1. verb
2. noun
3. adjective
4. adverb
5. conjunction
6. interjection
7. pronouns
8. preposition

Additional categories are typically counted when Articles or Determiners are given their own category (thus, being removed from adjectives) and when verbs are broken into two distinct categories of lexical or auxiliary verbs.


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