Advanced English Grammar



Prefix Meanings and Usage

The prefix meanings and words containing said prefixes listed below are from words beginning with the letters E thru O. 

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As stated on the previous page, learning prefix meanings will go a long way to helping you improve your overall vocabulary.

What's more, knowing the meaning of prefixes will help you when you come across unknown words. Many times we can take a good guess at the meaning of the word just by knowing the prefix meanings.

For example, you may know the word 'sympathy' means to feel compassion for, or sharing compassion.

But what about the word antipathy? You can figure it out if you know that the prefix meanings 'anti' mean against or opposite, while the prefix 'sym' means 'together, or in unison.'

So, literally, sympathy is 'to like' and antipathy is to 'dislike.'

Prefix Meanings and Usage - E thru O

ex, e out

exit = exodus,
emit = give off something

extra, extro beyond, outside


extracurricular = outside the curriculum,
extraterrestrial = beyond the earth,
extrovert = outgoing person


hyper above, excessively

hyperbole = exaggeration,
hyperventilate = breath at an excessive rate

hypo beneath, lower


hypoglycemia = low blood sugar
hypodermic = below the skin


in, il, im, ir not

inefficient = not efficient,
inarticulate = not clear or distinct,
illegible = not readable,
impeccable = not capable of sinning, perfect
irrevocable = not able to be called back

in, il, im, ir in, on, upon


invite = call in
illustration = something that makes clear
impression = effect upon mind or feelings
irradiate = shine upon


inter between, among

intervene = come between
international = between nations
interjection = a thrown in statement

intra, intro within


intramural = within a school
introvert = person turned into self


macro large, long

macrobiotic = tending to prolong life
macrocosm = the great world

mega great, million


megalomania = delusions of grandeur
megaton = million tons of TNT

meta involving change

metamorphosis = change of form

micro small


microcosm = miniature universe
microscopic = extremely small


mis bad, improper

misdemeanor = minor crime
mischance = unfortunate accident

mis hatred


misanthrope = He who hates mankind
misogynist = woman-hater

mono one

monarchy = government of one ruler
monotheism = belief in one god

multi many


multifarious = having many parts
multitudinous = numerous

neo new


neologism = newly coined word
neophyte = beginner


non not

noncommittal = undecided



obstruct = block
occlude = close, block out
offend = insult
opponent = someone who struggles against


olig few oligarchy = government by a few


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