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Phrasal Verb FALL

The phrasal verb fall is listed below. Study the list and do the exercise that follows. Then check your answers below.

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FALL ABOUT = much laughter as in a group

The audience fell about laughing as the comedian did his routine.

FALL APART = A. suffer severe emotional distress B. stop working properly or going in a positive direction

A. She fell apart after her husband left her and had to see a doctor.
B. The band fell apart after playing the first few gigs of their tour.

FALL BACK = retreat

The army fell back to its own lines after the attack.

FALL BACK ON = rely on for help in an emergency

In case the power goes out the hospital has a generator to fall back on.

FALL BEHIND = to not meet obligations on time

The factory fell behind on orders because of the Christmas holidays.

FALL DOWN = fall to the ground or floor

The child fell down as he was trying to hit the piniatta.

FALL FOR = A. fall in love, be infatuated B. believe a lie or be deceived

A. He has really fallen for this new girl, hasn't he?
B. The naive freshman fell for the joke about free beer at the corner store.

FALL IN = collapse

The bridge fell in as the car was going over it.

FALL IN WITH = agree to a suggestion

I fell in with the plan to overthrow the government.

FALL INTO = start doing something unplanned or unrehearsed

He fell into the group without really being asked.

FALL OFF = become fewer in number or less in amount, decrease

Sales have really fallen off since the holiday season.

FALL OUT = A. argue or quarrel with someone B. Lose hair

A. She fell out with her parents and now they don't speak to each other.
B. Since reaching 40 years of age, my hair has really started to fall out.

FALL OVER = fall to the ground or floor

The lamp fell over as the children were playing in the room.

FALL THROUGH = not happen as planned, be unsuccessful

Our plans fell through at the last minute and we ended up spending our vacation at home.

FALL UNDER = to have jurisdiction

Kidnapping falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI.

Phrasal Verb FALL exercise 


1. The negotiations fell ____ again and it looks like peace is far from near.
2. John fell ____ with Jill again. I doubt they'll get married now.
3. He fell _____ a bad group of friends and was arrested soon after.
4. Jill fell ____ with her rent as was eventually asked to leave.
5. The child fell ____ while trying to climb a tree.
6. Sales always tend to fall ____ after the new year.
7. He fell ____ after his wife died in a bizarre accident.
8. He fell ____ the investment scheme and lost all his money.
9. The young sisters fell ____ their family when things got difficult financially.
10. Our deal fell ___ so we didn't buy the new house.

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