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Prepositions of Place
Before and Behind


Prepositions of place before and behind show positional relationships.

It helps when learning them to know how they show the place or position of one word, or person, or object, in relation to another.

For instance, do you stand before, or in front of a mirror? Both, actually. Because both 'before' and 'in front of' show the positional relationship of you to the mirror.


Don't worry. What follows along with other pages in this site is here to help clarify any confusion and to improve your knowledge of this, sometimes tricky grammar item.

Look over the list and do the prepositions of place exercise checking your answers below.

ACROSS = past a certain or imaginary boundary

You can see across the field to the forest.

AFTER = a position following

Shut the door after you, it's cold out.

BEFORE = A. a position preceding B. In the presence of

A. Your name should come before your address on the envelope.
B. The criminal must come before the judge for sentencing.

BEHIND = a position further back

There's a vicious dog behind you. Quick, run!

FACING = Looking towards, or at, something

We got a room facing the sea for our vacation.

IN FRONT OF = a position further ahead, or forward

My wife seems to spend time a lot of time in front of the mirror.

OPPOSITE = Looking towards something (very similar to facing)

There's a new hospital going up opposite our house. It's going to spoil our view!

OVER = on the opposite side of

The bank is over the road from the post office.

Prepositions of Place
Before and Behind Exercise


Choose from the drop down menu the word(s) that best complete the sentences below.


1. She has a shop ___ the phone company.
2. He could see ____ the river to the village on the other side.
3. She came walking down the road with three children _____ her.
4. Mother will be gone this weekend so everyone must pick up ____ themselves.
5. He had to go ____ the disciplinary board to get his license back.
6. He finds it hard to sing ____ people.
7. My room is ____ the hospital's emergency room, so it's kind of noisy.
8. He stood ____ the door waiting to scare her when she came in.
9. There’s a natural border here; we’re in Michigan but ____ the river it’s Canada.
10. To get to town from here is easy; the bus stop is just ___ the road.
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