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Phrasal Verbs with DOWN

Looking for phrasal verbs with down? Then you've come to the right place.

This page will show you some of the basic phrasal verbs with down plus you can check your knowledge below with the exercises that are provided.

Use one of the words from the box below to fill in the blanks and then check your answers. Many times the phrasal verbs with down, as with 'up', represent movement.

It might help to learn these words using the phrasal verbs with up page as a form of opposites to help you learn and remember these words more easily.

Phrasal Verbs with DOWN Exercises

play, pour, run, settle, back, close, lay, let, live, mark, shout, slow, cut, die, get, jot 

1. _____ down = withdraw your objections

2. _____ down = stop all work, cease trading

3. _____ down = do something less often

4. _____ down = become quieter

5. _____ down = annoy, make unhappy

6. _____ down = make a note of

7. _____ down = establish rules

8. _____ down = disappoint, not keep a promise

9. _____ down = make people forget a mistake

10 _____ down = give a lower grade

11._____ down = make something appear less important

12._____ down = come down heavily (of rain)

13._____ down = lose power

14._____ down = live a quiet, routine life

15._____ down = not allow to be heard

16._____ down = go less fast

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Use one of the words from the box below and then check your answers.

Phrasal Verbs with DOWN Exercises 

break, keep, put, shut, track, burn, let, settle, step, turn, cut, lie, shout, take, wear

1. Some people think that Queen Elisabeth should ____ down and allow Prince Charles to become King.

2. I asked Mari to marry me, but she ____ me down.

3. The government ordered the plant to be ____ down because it was poluting too much.

4. “____ down or you’ll be seen!”

5. It is much easier to ____ down trees in the forests with the use of a chainsaw.

6. You should _____ down your cousins while you are visiting that country.

7. The murder suspect finally ____ down after questioning and confessed to the crime.

8. The novel 'Jurassic Park' was so exciting, I couldn’t ____ it down until I had finished readiing it.

9. “Anything you say will be ____ down and may be used against you in court”.

10. The steps were ____ down by the millions of feet that had trodden on them.

11. “Be there at eight precisely.” “Don’t worry, you can depend on me: I won’t ____ you down.”

12. If you don't feel well, go and ____ down for a while.

13. After playing at University, he finally got a job and _____ down.

14. He said he set fire to and ____ down the factory for the insurance money.

15. He was ______ down at the public meeting, so no one heard what he wanted to say.

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