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Prepositions of Comparison

The prepositions of comparison help us to separate, or distinguish, between two or more ideas, people, things, etc., and so on.

The list below contains samples for a better understanding. I recommend looking over the list and doing the exercise that follows.

AFTER = similar or comparable to

This artist’s work is after the style of the cubists' movement.

AGAINST = A. contrasting with B. compared with

A. That picture would look better against a dark background.
B. Look at this schedule against last year’s; it was so much better last year.

BELOW = less, or fewer, than

That shop is going out of business, they are selling things below cost.

BESIDE = compared with

Beside her sister she's not the least bit talented.

BETWEEN = differentiating

She cant tell the difference between blue and green because She's color-blind.

LIKE = similar to

You've gotten so tan, you look like an Egyptian.

NEAR = approaching / similar to

No one can come near him when it comes to Math's.

OVER = more than, a greater number or amount, than

He's got over ten thousand coins in his collection.

UNDER = less, or fewer, than

The Communist Party got under a thousand votes in the election.

UNLIKE = not similar to

That puppy looks unlike either of its parents.

Prepositions of Comparison exercise 


1. This artist's work is ___ the great masters of the Renaissance.
2. We feed ____ three thousand pupils every day at lunchtime.
3. ___ you, I did my homework for all of our classes.
4. You were fooled again? No one comes ___ your naivety.
5. ____ great poets, your work is not that bad.
6. Some children have difficulties learning ___ right and left.
7. You won't pass if you get ____ 65% on your exam.
8. ___ last year's numbers; we are doing much better this year.
9. He won the race easily, no one was even ___ him.
10. With that long hair, he looked ___ a woman.

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