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Phrasal Verbs with GET

Phrasal verbs with get are some of the most popular phrasal verbs in the English language. We use them all the time.

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Read through the list below and then do the exercise that follows checking your answers to see how well you know phrasal verbs with get.

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GET BY = A. succeed with little effort B. survive or manage C. proceed unnoticed D. pass

A. As a teacher, I dislike students who just get by.
B. It's hard to get by on just a few Euros per week.
c. Many illegal drugs get by the customs inspectors.
D. Step aside so I can get by please.

GET DOWN = A. (to) begin & give full attention B. depress, discourage C. put into writing

A. Enough chit chat let's get down to business.
B. Rainy days and Mondays get me down.
C. The court reporter got down everything that was said.

GET IN = arrive

When did you get in last night?

GET OFF = A. dismount B. receive a lesser punishment in court C. extreme pleasure

A. John got off the horse from the wrong side.
B. John got off with only two years in prison for armed robbery.
C. Some people get off eating chocolate.

GET OUT = A. leave B. remove C (of) avoid

A. Get out of the car.
B. Get out the olive oil for the salad.
C. She tried to get out of cleaning her room by doing the dishes.

GET OVER = A. recover B. (on) cheat

A. It took me a week to get over the flu.
B. Some store keepers try to get over on you when making change.

GET THROUGH = finish completely

The book was so boring I couldn't get through it.

GET TO = A. annoy B. arrive at

A. That car alarm is really getting to me. I wish sme would turn it off.
B. I couldn't wait to get to the Greek islands.


Let's get together on Thursday.

GET UP = rise from bed or sitting position

What time do you get up in the morning?

Phrasal Verbs with GET exercise



1. He gets ____ on his good looks and charm; but how long will that last?
2. They got ____ to business and finished in no time.
3. John couldn't get _____ the program on TV as there was too much blood.
4. Jill got ____ work with a scooter yeasterday.
5. They got ____ when they were teenagers and have been together since.
6. You never want to hear. "Get ____ of the vehicle; place your hands on your head."
7. The family of six got ____ on 100 dollars a week.
8. The professor got ____ and walked about the room.
9. The air conditioner was getting ____ me so I left the room.
10. It took months to get ____ that horrible tropical virus.



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