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Phrasal Verbs with ON

Welcome to phrasal verbs with on... the second page. One more page of definitions and an exercise to test your knowledge of phrasal verbs with on.

LIVE ON = A. money or food for survival. B. staple

A. "You spent your whole paycheck?... What are we going to line on?"
B. Some fisherman basically live on their catch.

LOOK ON = observe, watch

The children played in the yard as the mother looked on from the house.

MOVE ON = change positions, disperse

The police told the crowd gathered at the accident to move on.

PICK ON = A. bully B. choose

A. The older boys always picked on the younger boys at school.
B. Mr. Hand picked on Jeff Spicoli to answer the question.

PUT ON = dress, wear

"Put on your coat because it's cold outside," said Scott.

SEND ON = forward a letter or email, etc.

I hate emails that say we have to send them on to others or else...

SET ON = order to attack

He threatened to set his dogs on me if I didn't leave.

STAY ON = not leave at the expected time

He could have left at 5:00 but he stayed on until 6:00.

SWITCH ON = start electrical equipment

I was told to switch on the TV so my dad could watch the baseball game.

TOUCH ON = mention briefly

The professor touched on the subject in class but said nothing in depth.

TRY ON = wear clothing to see if it fits

"Here, try these blue jeans on," said mother.

Phrasal Verbs with ON exercise


1. She ___ on the funny email she received to her friend Jane.
2. I'd better ___ this hat on to see if it fits.
3. Leave now or I'll ___ the dogs on you!
4. No wonder the DVD doesn't work! You haven't ___ it on!
5. He only ___ on the subject. He didn't go into it in any detail.
6. He ___ on to work some overtime as he needed the money.
7. She ___ on her little brother because he couldn't say "three."
8. The castaway ___ on fish and coconuts for three years.
9. The crowd was ___ on in amazement as the tsunami hit the coast.
10. The policeman told us to ___ on because we were blocking traffic.
11. ___ on your scarf and mittens if you are going out. It's cold.


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