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Phrasal verb PUT

The phrasal verb put, like other English phrasal verbs, has a plethora of forms and definitions. Find some of them listed below along with an exercise to check your understanding. Look over the list then do the exercise that follows to check your understanding.

PUT ACROSS = communicate and idea or message

The professor put across his ideas concerning race relations with clarity and brevity

PUT AWAY = A. return something to correct place B. put someone in prison; incarcerate

A. Will you put away the dishes if I wash them?
B. He was put away for manslaughter for fifteen years.

PUT BACK = postpone something for a later time

The class was put back a week because the professor was ill.

PUT BY = save

He put by twenty Euros a week for his vacation.

PUT DOWN = to kill an animal usually because it's old or ill.

When I was a teen we had to put down our dog. I was a traumatic experience.

PUT DOWN FOR = make commitment to pay (usually charities, etc)

How much can I put you down for this year, asked the charity organizer?

PUT DOWN TO = use or give as an explanation

What do you put his stubbornness down to? Well, he is getting kind of old.

PUT IN = install

I had a new stereo put in my car. Now it really thumps!

PUT IN FOR = make a (formal) request

I put in for vacation at work from the 15th of August until the end.

PUT OFF = A. postpone B. no longer like something or somebody

A. I put off seeing the eye doctor until it was almost too late.
B. I was put off fish because the last time I had some it was spoiled.

PUT ON = A. gain weight B. deceive C. wear

A. I put on weight over the holidays and I think it's time to take it off.
B. Her career stories were just a put on. In fact, she's broke and lives with her mother.
C. I put on my old jeans to go for a coffee with my friends.

PUT OUT = A. broadcast; send a signal B. trouble or disturb someone C. extinguish (cigarette, fire etc.)

A. The station put out such a strong signal that it was difficult to receive anything else.
B. Our friends stayed in a hotel because they said they didn't want to put us out.
C. He put out his cigar in the arm of the my wooden chair which really upset me.

PUT THROUGH = connect (have contact) someone by phone

The secretary said she would put me through to my attorney as soon as he got off the other line.

PUT TOWARDS = give or make a financial contribution

The special offer at the church was put towards the new building fund.

PUT UP = A. give hospitality to someone overnight B. increase prices, taxes etc.

A. He asked if we could put him up for a few days and I said it would be alright.
B. They put up the price of gasoline again. Will it ever come down?

PUT UP WITH = tolerate

I will not put up with any more disturbances while I try to work. Do you hear me?


Phrasal verb PUT Exercise

Choose from the drop down menu the word(s) that best complete the phrasal verbs below.


1. You'll be fine as long as you put ___ your ideas in a clear manner.
2. He put ____ 1,000 Euros last month for a new car.
3. The salesman couldn't put _____ the vacation days he wanted.
4. This money is to be put ____ your college fund. Nothing else!
5. She put ____ his rude behavior for too long. I'm glad she dumped him.
6. Why was he put ____ for so long? He committed a multiple homicide.
7. Mother was putting us ____ when she said she would take us out to eat.
8. He was put ____ a thousand pounds but in the end paid none.
9. She put ____ a new alarm system after she got robbed.
10. He was put ___ to the manager after he demanded to speak to him.
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