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Phrasal Verb COME


Here are more phrasal verb come exercises. Below you'll find definitions and then an exercise to see how well you know the phrasal verb come.

COME ACROSS AS = make an impression

During the course of their conversation, he came across as an honest person.

COME APART = become unglued, break.

The toy came apart in my hands when I picked it up.

COME AT = attack with intent to hit or stab

"He came at me with a knife, your Honor." "I had to shoot him."

COME DOWN WITH = become ill, catch a cold.

He came down with the flu last week.

COME FORWARD = volunteer.

The sergeant asked for volunteers but no soldiers came forward.

COME IN FOR = be criticized.

The film will come in for a lot of negative comments because of it's subject matter.

COME OFF = succeed

John's party really came off the other night. It was a big hit.

COME ON = begin to happen.

The old man said he could feel winter coming on in his bones.

COME OUT IN = have a rash.

Whenever I eat shell fish I come out in red blotches.

COME UP WITH = innovate.

Have you come up with any new lessons for this semester?


Phrasal Verb COME exercise 


1. The cassette seemed to come ____ in my hands.
2. He came ______ a lot of criticism because he refused to cut long hair.
3. When I met him, he came __________ an exceptionally talented person.
4. He tried to buy out the other firm but his plan did not come _______.
5. He came ______ me with a knife. I had to defend myself.
6. He has had a difficult time since he came _____ that viral disease.
7. In my bones, I can feel bad weather coming ________.
8. Several convicts came _______ to be subjects for medical experimentation,.
9. He can't eat strawberries, he comes __________ a rash.
10. I have come _____________ some ideas that will help in the office.
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