Advanced English Grammar



Prefix Words and Meanings

The prefix words most common in the English Language come to us via Latin or Greek.

Prefixes typically range from one letter, 'a' for example, to whole words like psuedo or super.

Either way, knowing prefix words is a great way to improve your vocabulary.

The following prefixes are the continuation of the lists found on the two previous pages. You can find the pages for words beginning with the letters A thru D or the letters E thru O by using the menu bar at the left.

Don't forget that prefixes often change the meanings of words by making them opposites or adding degree of meaning to the word.

The prefix words P thru Z are shown below.

Prefix Words and Meanings - P thru Z

pan all, every


panacea = cure all
panorama = unobstructed view in all directions

para beyond, related parallel = similar
paraphrase = restate, translate
per through, completely permeable = allowing passage through
pervade = spread throughout
peri around, near perimeter = outer boundary
periphery = edge
poly many polyglot = speaking several languages
post after

posthumous = after death

pre before preamble = introductory statement
premonition = forewarning
prim first primordial = existing at the dawn of time
primogeniture = state of being the first born
pro forward, in favor of propulsive = driving forward
proponent = supporter
proto first prototype = first of its kind
pseudo false pseudonym = pen name
re again, back reiterate = repeat
reimburse = pay back
retro backward retrospect = look back in time
se away, aside secede = withdraw
seclude = shut away
semi half, partly semiconscious = partly conscious
under, less subjugate = bring under control
succumb = yield, cease to resist
suffuse = spread through
suggest = hint
suppress = put down by force
suspend = delay, temporarily cease
super, sur over, above


supernatural = above natural things
surtax = additional tax

with, together


synchronize = timed together
sympathize = pity, identify with
syllogism = explanation of how ideas relate
system = network

tele far


telegraphic = communication over a distance

trans across


transport = carry across

ultra beyond, excessive


ultra conservative = exceedingly conservative

un not

unkempt = not combed, disheveled

under below

underling = someone inferior

uni one


unison = oneness of pitch, complete accord

vice in place of

viceroy = acting in place of a king

with away, against withstand = stand up against, resist


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