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Suffix Meanings


The suffix meanings that follow are a partial list that has been gathered over a number of years.

They include mostly Latin and Greek suffixes although I'm sure there are others in there as well.

When considering suffixes and their meanings, it's important to remember that in the other languages from which English has ‘borrowed’ heavily, there were feminine, masculine, and neutral genders.

In English, we have typically preserved the masculine suffix meanings although the other genders can still be found.

If you're looking for a list of suffix meanings then go to the page from the link at the bottom of this page. It will take you to my new site with one of the most complete lists of prefixes, suffixes and root words available anywhere.

Suffix Meanings 

able, ible capable of (adjective suffix)
ac, ic like, pertaining to
acious, icious full of
al pertaining to
ant, ent full of
ary like, connected with
ate to make (verb suffix)
ation that which is (noun suffix)
ced, cede to go, to give in
cy state of being (noun suffix)
duc, duct to lead
eer, er, or the person who (noun suffix)
escent becoming (adjective suffix)
fic making, doing (adjective suffix)
fy to make (verb suffix)
ful full of
graph to write
iferous producing, bearing (adjective suffix)
il, ile pertaining to, capable of (adjective suffix)
ism doctrine, belief (noun suffix)
ist dealer, doer (noun suffix)
ity state of being (noun suffix)
ive like (adjective suffix)
ize, ise to make (verb suffix)
less lacking
ment act or state of
ness quality of
oid resembling, like (adjective suffix)
ose full of (adjective suffix)
ory having quality of
osis condition (noun suffix)
ous full of (adjective suffix)
tude state of (noun suffix)
pose to place
scrib, script to write
spect to appear, to see
ship art or skill of
some full of like
tact to touch
ten, tent, tain to hold
tend, tens, tent to stretch
tract to draw
tude quality of, ability to
ven, vent to come
ver, vert, vers to turn


The above are some basic suffix meanings to go to the main suffix page just click on the previous link.