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Phrasal Verb GO


The phrasal verb go -- like all the phrasal verbs -- is made from the verb and prepositions or adverbs that accompany it.

The following includes a short list plus a fun exercise that follows to check your knowledge of this particular item. Enjoy!

GO AT SME / STH = Argue. Work hard or diligently for sth.

Our neighbors are going at it again. I can hear them yelling at each other.

GO AFTER = Attempt to win or search for

The up and coming team has gone after the championship.

GO BY = Pass a place.

I go by his house every morning on the way to school.

GO IN FOR = A. Pursue a hobby. B. Enter a competition.

A. John has gone in for football in a big way.
B. Jane has gone in for the beauty contest.

GO OFF = A. When food becomes bad or dangerous to eat. B. Explode.

A. This meat has gone off. Throw it out.
B. The bomb went off in the underground.

GO ON = A. Continue. B. Happen C. Become lit automatically

A. "Please, go on," said the psychologist to the patient.
B. What went on at the party last night? Why did the police come?
C. Clap your hands and the lights go on automatically.

GO ROUND = Enough for all in a group.

I hope there is enough potatoes to go round.


She wanted to try sushi, but in the end she couldn't go through with it.

GO WITH = A. Accompany. B. Match or suit

A. I will go with you to the cinema tonight.
B. Do you think this green shirt goes well with these pink shoes? 

Phrasal Verb GO exercise 


Choose the right word from the drop down menu and then check your answers below.

1. The chicken has gone _______. Throw it out before we make anyone sick.
2. What’s going _____________ ? You look as if you have just seen a ghost.
3. John has really gone _______ building model ships. His room is full of them.
4. I’ve made cookies, but I am not sure there will be enough to go _____ .
5. Most people think potatoes go well __________ meat.
6. The street lights go ___________ by themselves at dusk.
7. And now Beckham is running down the field, going _________ his next goal.
8. He had planned to kill her but he could not go __________ it.
9. At 3 a.m. this morning a bomb went ___________ at a bank near the city center.
10. On my way to the office, I went _________ the mall for some paper supply.
11. We stopped briefly at London and then went __________ to Paris.
12. She thinks that orange sweaters go ___________ pink slacks.
 Your score is  

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