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Phrasal verb PASS

The phrasal verb pass is listed below along with an exercise for you to check your understanding.

I recommend looking over the list then doing the exercise.

Check your answers below.

PASS AROUND = give to everyone present

He passed around a questionnaire and asked us to fill it in.

PASS AS = believed to be something

Can this pass as an original Monet?

PASS AWAY = die; expire

She passed away too soon. I wish she were still here. I really miss her.

PASS BY = A. miss an opportunity B. visit briefly C. go past without stopping

A. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!
B. Let's pass by the bakery on the way home.
C. We passed by the sweet shop even though it smelled so good.

PASS FOR = fake accepted as an original

Will this pass for a Gucci bag?

PASS OFF AS = accepted as an original

He tried to pass it off as an original but I could tell it was fake.

PASS ON = A. die B. give a message to someone C. decline an opportunity or invitation

A. My grandfather passed on when he was 94 years old.
B. Will you pass on that the meeting is canceled for tomorrow?
C. I'm afraid I'll have to pass on your invitation.

PASS OUT = A. faint, lose consciousness B. distribute

A. He passed out from the heat as he wasn't used to 45 degree temperatures. B. The teacher passed out the tests and then told us to begin.

PASS OVER= not receive a promotion

He was passed over in favor of a younger man.

PASS THROUGH = visit a place briefly or not stop at all

I'll pass through Ohio on my way to Kentucky.

PASS TO = give ownership or responsibility to someone else

This ranch will pass to his son when he's gone.

PASS UP= decline an opportunity or chance

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to pass up your invitation.


Phrasal verb PASS Exercise 

Choose from the drop down menu the preposition(s) that best complete the phrasal verbs below.


1. Pass ___ these pens to everyone. I want you to use the same color.
2. They passed ____ the stock options and lost a lot of money.
3. He tried to pass it _____ a real alligator bag but I could tell it was fake.
4. Let's pass ____ Detroit on our way to Toronto.
5. Who will this pass ____ when old Charlie is gone?
6. How old was he when he passed ____ ?
7. He passed ____ after having too much to drink.
8. She was passed ____ and the promotion was given to her assistant.
9. The teacher passed ____ the tests to the nervous students.
10. We passed ___ a train wreck on our way home yesterday.
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