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Prepositions of Movement Passing Through

Prepositions of movement passing through are used like all other prepositions. The list that follows contains definitions and idiomatic uses.

Check over the definitions below and then do the exercise to test your understanding of this grammar item.

ACROSS = to go from one side to the other (usually on surface)

We took two days to get across Lake Superior.

**BUT** The dog jumped across the small stream.

ALONG = to pass the length of something

They went along Fifth Avenue and stopped at Central Park.

DOWN (UP) = The whole length of something

She walked [ up / down ] the road to the corner and then went out of site.

PAST = A. to pass from one side to the other (laterally) B. to avoid someone or something (idiomatic)

A. I saw our cat's shadow go past a window in the darkness.
B. I don't know what her problem is; she walked past me as though I had the plague.

THROUGH = between the parts of sth

I didn't think Id get the car through that narrow gate.

OVER = Go from one side to the other (similar to across, but usually above)

I flew over Canada on the way to England.

Prepositions of Movement - SET PHRASES

Pace up and down a room (similar to back and forth)

Pace up and down a street

Pace up and down a cage

Prepositions of Movement Passing Through Exercise


Change the sentence according to the prompts.

1. The boy ran ____ the field.
2. The boy ran ____ the tunnel.
3. The boy ran ____ the river bank.
4. The boy ran ____ the road.
5. The boy ran ____ the bridge.
6. The boy ran ____ the road to the other side.
7. The boy ran ____ the shops on his way to school.
8. The boy ran ____ the alley after seeing the policeman.
9. The boy ran ____ the alley to avoid the policeman.
10. The boy ran ____ the woods chasing his dog.


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