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Phrasal Verb CALL

The phrasal verb call is made and used like the other English phrasal verbs.

Study the list below and then do the exercise that follows. Then, check your answers for the phrasal verb call.

CALL AFTER = be named after someone

He was called Joe after his uncle who had died in the war.


I'll call around in the afternoon if that's ok?

CALL BACK = Return a phone call

You better call back John, he's called twice already.

CALL FOR = A. demand B. phone call C. require D. pick sme from a certain place

A. There's not much call for refrigerators in the Arctic Circle.
B. Did you call for an appointment?
C. This good news calls for a celebration!
D. He called for her at home but she wasn't there last night.

CALL FORTH = make something happen

The tsunami in Indonesia called forth a great deal of humanitarian aid from around the world.

CALL IN = A. get someone to come and do sth B. short visit

A. We had to call in a plumber because our drain was clogged.
B. The Smith's called in last night and we had a pleasant visit.

CALL OFF = cancel

The reunion was called off because not enough people could attend.

CALL ON = A. visit B. ask a student a question in class

A. We called on the Jones family last Sunday afternoon.
B. The teacher called on Scott who knew the answer, fortunately.

CALL ROUND = visit

I'll call round in the evening if that's ok?

CALL UP = A. summon for military service B. telephone

A. He was called up to active duty when the war broke out.
B. Why don't you call up a friend and see if they want to go to town with us?

Phrasal Verb CALL exercise 


1. They called ____ the meeting last week due to bad weather.
2. Prof. John called ____ Jill in class but she didn't know the answer.
3. He was called Mark _____ one of the Lord's disciples.
4. Jill called ____ in the evening but no one was home.
5. There's not much call ____ typewriters these days as everyone uses computers.
6. Have you called ____ John yet? He's called three times.
7. I would call ____ an electrician if I were you. Electricity is dangerous.
8. His world record called ____ a huge celebration.
9. He called ____ Jill last night and they talked for hours.
10. The earthquake called ___ a large outpouring of international aid.

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