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Phrasal verb MAKE

The phrasal verb make may be few in number but it is important in usage as it is one of the more popular English phrasal verbs.

The list below will give you most of the definitions plus there is an exercise that follows. Look over the list and do the exorcise to test your knowledge of the phrasal verb make.

MAKE FOR = head in a specific direction

Scott made for the refrigerator as soon as he walked through the door.

MAKE OUT = A. decipher B. succeed C. progress D. kiss passionately

A. I can't make out that sign. What does it say?
B. He made out pretty well after switching jobs.
C. How is your Dad making out with his new wife?
D. Jeff and Pam were making out in the movie theater again.

MAKE OUT WITH = kiss and grope with passion

Did you ever make out with Mari? I did.

MAKE OVER = do again

Mother made me make over my bed because I hadn't changed the sheets.

MAKE UP = A. cosmetics (put on) B. complete something missed C. invent D. reconcile

A. It took the clown 10 minutes to make up his face.
B. I can make up the exam I missed yesterday tomorrow.
C. He always makes up stories. Don't believe him.
D. You should make up with Alekos. You guys have been friends for a long time.

MAKE UP FOR = compensate

How do you make up for being late to your own wedding?


Phrasal verb MAKE Exercise

Choose from the drop down menu the preposition(s) that best complete the phrasal verbs below.


1. Kiss and make ___ already. I can't stand the silent treatment.
2. He made ____ the Outback as he wanted to get away from it all.
3. I can't make _____ the fine print in this contract. What does it say?
4. He made ____ being late by bringing coffee and doughnuts for everyone.
5. How is John making ____ in his new business venture?
6. He made ____ his face to hide his true identity.
7. I want this homework made ____ and I want it done right this time!
8. Can you make ____ the exam you missed last week?
9. She made ____ her nextdoor neighbor and now she is embarrased to see him.
10. How could I make ___ a story like this? I'm telling the truth.
 Your score is  

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