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Phrasal verb TURN

The phrasal verb turn is listed below along with an exercise for you to check your understanding. I recommend looking over the list then doing the exercise.

Also, if you need additional material for the phrasal verb turn you can check out the pages with on, off, up, and down.

TURN AWAY = refuse service or entrance

They turned us away at the restaurant because we didn't have on shoes.

TURN AROUND = change (reverse) direction

The plane turned around and went back the airport because of mechanical problems.

TURN DOWN = A. refuse an offer or application B. reduce volume

A. He turned down the dessert as he had already eaten too much.
B. Turn down the TV. I'm trying to talk on the phone.

TURN IN = A. submit B. go to bed

A. You need to turn in your homework everyday.
B. Did you see the news last night? No, I turned in early.

TURN INTO = change from one form to another, transform

She kissed the frog, and it turned into a handsome prince.

TURN OFF = A. deliberately stop working (a stove, TV, etc.) B. something non pleasing or off putting sexually

A. Don't forget to turn off the TV before you go to school.
B. Her bad breath was a real turn off so I said good night.

TURN ON = A. expected attack B. start to use TV, radio, car, etc. C. cause sexual excitement

A. The pit bull suddenly turned on the small child.
B. Turn on the TV. It's time for the news.
C. Back rubs can be a real turn on.

TURN OUT = A. produce B. switch off a light C. attend as audience D. end up being (finally discovering)

A. The workers can turn out 200 cars a day.
B. Turn out the light when you are through.
C. Over 1,000,000 people turned out for the inauguration.
D. My neighbor turned out to be a Nazi war criminal.

TURN OVER = give to authorities or rightful owners

They turned over the concert tickets to the kids who had lost them.

TURN UP = A. increase volume or capacity of a device B. find unexpectedly

A. Turn up the radio. I really like this new song.
B. My wallet turned up outside the nightclub but it was empty.


Phrasal verb TURN Exercise

Choose from the drop down menu the word(s) that best complete the phrasal verbs below.


1. Isn't it about time you turned ___ ? It's getting rather late.
2. They turned this section of river ____ a water park for the city.
3. Keep looking. It's bound to turn _____ sooner or later.
4. He was turned ____ because of his age. He was too young.
5. She turned ____ and went back home because she forgot something.
6. Why turn ____ car? I'm just going in to get my sunglasses.
7. Mother turned us ____ from the kitchen as she didn't want any distractions.
8. He was turned ____ for his Visa application because he had been in jail.
9. She turned ____ to be an heiress to a small fortune.
10. Turn ___ that noise, will you? I'm trying to get some sleep.
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