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Prepositions of Groups


Learning prepositions of groups is similar to learning other prepositions.

I recommend looking over the list then doing the exercise that follows to check your knowledge.

AGAINST = A. contrary to something B. not give support

A. Why are you against everything she tries to do?
B. Most Republicans are against abortion.

BEHIND = A. give support to ideologically B. give financial support to, provide for

A. Are you behind the farmers' strike?
B. The unions were behind the candidates that won the election.

CONTRARY TO = the opposite of

His ideas are contrary to the lifestyle he leads.

FOR = A. to be in favor of doing something B. for someone's benefit

A. Well, I'm for turning back. It's too dangerous to go mountain climbing in this weather.
B. Come on, won't you please do it for Daddy?

FOR THE SAKE OF = for benefit of someone (usually someone else)

For the sake of keeping the peace she agreed to go with her family.

IN FAVOR OF = be in agreement

I'm in favor of the proposed tax cuts by the government.

IN SUPPORT OF = for the benefit of

Some people are protesting outside in support of the Prime Minister.

OPPOSITE TO = not be in agreement with

Most of my students have political views opposite to those I hold.

WITH = to be in agreement (with a person or idea)

Taking a vacation is a good idea... I'm with you all the way.

Prepositions of Groups


Choose from the drop down menu the preposition(s) that best complete the sentences below.


1. Many unhappy couples stay together ___ their children
2. ____ popular opinion, if you want to lose weight you have to eat less.
3. Her opinions on this subject are totally ___ mine. We'll never agree.
4. He was ____ the news leak so the company fired him.
5. She was ____ the measure but it didn't pass the Parliament.
6. Are you for or ___ capital punishment?
7. Those who are against capital punishment but ____ abortion are illogical.
8. If you run for President I'm ___ you all the way.
9. She said she was protesting ____ a ban on hand guns.
10. His wife held political views ___ his own.
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