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Movement Prepositions - Catching up and Dropping back

Movement prepositions catching up and dropping back are often misunderstood.

Below is a list with a few definitions and a short exercise for you to check you understanding.

AFTER = following as in pursuit

The kitten ran after its mother looking for someone to play with.

AHEAD OF = preceding, going before

The army scout ran ahead trying to locate the enemy.

BEHIND = following

By lagging behind the others you'll miss what the guide is saying.

IN FRONT OF = preceding, coming before

Run on in front of the group and get a photo of us please.

Movement Prepositions
Catching up and Dropping back Exercise


Choose the right word(s) to complete the sentences below.

1. I hate going anywhere with you, you're always one step ____ .
2. You have some good ideas but someone is always ___ you.
3. The dog chased _____ the squirrel but didn't catch it.
4. The car ____ mine suddenly stopped. I couldn't avoid hitting it.
5. My watch is three minutes ___ yours so I'm never late.
6. How did you arrive here ____ ?
7. The tourists entered the museum ____ .
8. I always feel more tired ____ .
9. Don't fall _____ it will be hard to catch up.
10. He allowed her to cut in line ___ .


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