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Phrasal Verbs with BE

As already stated, phrasal verbs with be are some of the most popular phrasal verbs in the English language.

If you want to learn phrasal verbs with be then this page can help you. Look through the list below and then do the exercise that follows. Be sure to check your score to see how well you know these phrasal verbs with be.

After the list there is an exercise where you can check your understanding.

BE ON ABOUT = say without others really listening

"What was she on about?" "I don't know I couldn't really hear her."

BE ONTO = aware of someone's true intentions

"Let's move on. I think she's onto us. We'll never get her to sign the deed."

BE OUT = absent from home or work

"Hello, is John in?" "No, I'm sorry, he is out right now." "Would you like to leave a message?"

BE OUT OF = have none left

I can make you a coffee but, unfortunately, I am out of sugar.

BE OUT TO/FOR = attempt to get / try

Where I come from, girls are told that guys are out for only one thing.

BE SNOWED IN = isolated; unable to move because of snow

In Michigan, you can sometimes be snowed in for days on end.

BE SNOWED UNDER = large amount of work (usually unexpected)

We are really snowed under at work right now with this end of year audit.

BE TAKEN ABACK = shocked or surprised

When I visited Mexico I was really taken aback by the poverty.

BE TAKEN WITH = like, intrigued by

Many people are taken with the idea of opening a web business.

BE UP = A. awake, not sleeping B. increased or risen C. expiration

A. He was up at the crack of dawn to go trout fishing
B. The price of bread is up again this week.
C. The warranty on the computer is up. If it breaks now we'll have to pay for it.

BE UP TO = Doing sth wrong, misbehaving

What are those children up to now?

BE WITH SME = to help them

"Hold on, and I'll be with you in a minute," said the sales clerk.

Phrasal Verbs with BE exercise

1. "Have you ever been ______ ?" "I was once last winter near Christmas time."
2. John was ____ something meaningless, but I rarely listen to him anymore.
3. The experienced tourist was ____ the thieves without them even knowing it.
4. Jill is ____ the office right now. Can I take a message?
5. In some countries you will be ____ as the living standards are quite shocking.
6. The fighter was ____ avenge his previous defeat and fought hard to win.
7. John was ____ Jill after supper, but he didn't say where they were going.
8. He was ____ the idea that he could retire at 55 years of age.
9. I am so ____ at work. I feel like I'll never finish this report.
10. "I'm sorry, we are ____ chicken," said the waitress as we gave our order.
11. "What are you ___ now?" Mother asked, as she enterred the room.
12. What are the children ____ ? I don't know but it's awfully quiet all of a sudden.
Your score is

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