Advanced English Grammar



Compound Prepositions

Compound prepositions are also known as complex prepositions and are, as the name implies, made up of more than one word.

For example, 'because of' and 'in between' are prepositions using two words while 'in front of' and 'on behalf of' are complex prepositions using three words.


He didn't go to university because of his grades.
I accept this on behalf of my business partner.

Some of the more common compound prepositions are used frequently in the English Language and they will always (or, most probably) be found together.

The following is just a partial list of the more common complex prepositions.

Common Compound Prepositions

According to
apart from
in accordance with
with regard to
due to
because of
causes of
result of
consequence of
effect of
effect on
for lack of
for want of
in agreement with
in case of
in charge of
in the event of

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